About Us

The Group has successfully completed more than 25 residential, commercial, retail and hospitality projects with more than 2 million square feet of development in India’s financial capital “Mumbai.”

The Group has over the years acquired several parcels of land in strategic locations across the entire city and its outskirts. With over 3 million square feet of development in pipeline, the group is committed to create landmark developments across the city.

List of projects completed successfully.

  • Dudhwala Complex, Mumbai Central
  • Mega Mall, Jogeshwari (W)
  • Patel Complex, Andheri (E)
  • Station Plaza, Bhandup (W)
  • Fine Touch Apartments, Mumbai Central
  • Al-Ibrahim Palace, Mumbai Central
  • Town Center – I, Andheri (E)
  • Town Center – II, Andheri (E)
  • Dudhwala Tower, Goregaon (E)
  • Trade Corner, Andheri (E)
  • Rimsan Apartments, Andheri (E)
  • Nirman Industrial Estates, Malad (W)
  • Rimsan Industrial Estates, Malad (W)
  • Patel Industrial Estates, Andheri (E)
  • Patel Apartments, Andheri (E)